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Injection Mold Specialization & Design

Improve the quality of your products and services with machining and fabrication services from our business. Utilizing revolutionary five-axis equipment, Tiger Ridge Mfg. is able to build and design a variety of injection mold parts including everything from prototype pieces to multi-drop hot runners. Our quick and efficient processes allow us to create parts that are better in quality and durability. Ensure that your business gets the best with service from our team.

Mold Injection Machine and Mold

High-Speed Hard Milling

Made to construct the core and cavity detail of the injection molds, our high-speed hard milling machines eliminate dimensional error, inaccurate cuts, and other inconsistencies. We have four five-axis machines with 30 inches of travel and one machine with 50 inches of travel.

New Mold Construction

You can have us expertly design and build new molds for your business. We construct 30 inches by 50 inches molds, including:

 » Two-Plate Code Runners
 » Three-Plate Code Runners
 » Multi-Drop Hot Runners
 » Prototype Molds Out of Any Material
 » Production Molds

Turnaround can vary between three to 12 weeks. The prototype molds are cheaper and can be made faster.


Tiger Ridge Mfg. also does reworks. We have on-site welding with hard milling and Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) capabilities. Both have sinker and wire EDMs.

We also do mold repair, cavity finish repair, and redressing parting lines. There will be a standard industry warranty on these parts.

Engineering Changes & Repairs

Keep your business processes smoothly flowing with engineering services from our skilled specialists. Whether you need changes or repairs made to molds (regardless of where they were built), we can modify them to meet your specific requests.


Molds are shipped anywhere within the United States. We offer a standard industry warranty based on the number of shot the mold will make. Reach out to our Whitewright, Texas, business for pricing and additional information about our warranties.

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